Create a First-Class Experience for your guests with Our Premium Oshibori Hand Towels

Impress your clients with premium oshibori hand towels.

A First Class Experience with Premium Oshibori Hand Towels

Washington Towels are considered to be the superior choice when it comes to a personal pre-moistened Oshibori hand towels. Whether it be for a quick facial refresh at an outdoor event, a handy towel to help keep your hands clean when out and about, or even for cleaning your face after a long day; Washington Towels is the ultimate oshibori towel company that can satisfy all your needs. Our clients range from hotels, restaurants, resorts, sports facilities, and theme parks. If your company is focused on providing a premium experience to your guests, A Washington Towel will only elevate that experience and make it first-class.

The Benefits of Premium Oshibori Hand Towels


Oshibori Towels are versatile in their uses. Be it, for cleaning up after a dinner at a restaurant, a quick refresh at an outdoor event or even as a way to welcome your guests, you can be assured that a Washington Towel will never disappoint.
Our towels can be heated up or chilled depending on your needs. Provide your guests with a blast of coolness or a soothing hot one!

Guests Know You Care

While Washington Towels may seem just like a simple hand towel at first glance, there is no doubt that they will appreciate the gesture and experience. The simple act of offering a refreshing pre-moistened oshibori towel will make your company their preferred choice in the future.
Oshibori towels is an elegant way to rejuvenate and refresh for any event and will always leave your guests smiling and a lasting impression. Never underestimate the power of a simple pleasure!

Personalized Packaging

Get all of the benefits of Washington Towels while promoting your own brand. With personalized packaging, you will provide a consistent brand experience to your guests. Hear them rave about your company’s towels!


Washington Towels are individually wrapped,  cotton, pre-moistened, lightly scented oshibori towels which are perfect for when you need to cleanup or just refresh yourself. Washington Towels are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Our Product Variations

Choose between two different styles to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience. The pre-scented pre-moistened hand towels are our standard variety which are white, sized 8” x 8” and made from a high-quality  cotton weave.

We also offer a scented Deluxe Make-Up Remover face cloth. This towel measures 8” x 8” and is made from a high-quality cotton weave. This makes it perfect for adding an elegant touch to any hotel room. No matter which style you choose, we stand behind the quality of our products. Please reach out to Washington Towels if you have any questions and we will ensure that we provide you with the best customer service possible.

Become a Washington Towel Retailer!

Do you want to sell Washington Towels with your brand? We make it possible with our private labeling service. Contact us now!


Washington Towels will save on in-house face towels. Add your brand to guest’s rooms and give them a unique personalized amenity.

Promotions and Giveaways

Washington Towels are a great promotional item that you can provide knowing that they will go to good use.

Sporting Facilities

Washington Towels can be a personal facial refreshment for watching, or even participating in any hot sporting event such as: baseball games, golfing, and etc.


Washington Towels are perfect for personal use during outdoor or indoor tours. They are great to hand out to your customers for a quick refresh or clean up.

Amusement Parks/Personal

Washington Towels will help protect your family or guests from dirt, germs, and sweat while providing a refreshing experience.


How long does a Washington Towel last for in the package?

The product lasts about 12-18 months depending on user’s specific environmental conditions (sunlight, temp, humidity, outdoors/indoors).

Are Washington Towels recyclable?

When user is done with the product, you will be left with a convenient 100% cotton utility towel. They can recycle the cotton towel or you may wish to utilize your towel at the gym, the office, or keep it around their home to use as a utility towel to reduce waste.

How can you serve the Washington Towels cold?

The product can be kept cold in a refrigerator or put into buckets of ice and water and the packages submerged.

How can you serve the Washington Towels hot?

The product can be made hot by using a towel warmer.

How can I become a retailer of your product?

You can find out more information on becoming a retailer by submitting your information where it says “Contact Us”.

How can I contact you about further information?

You can contact us here: Click here

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